Power, by definition, is the ability to affect change. Our POWERFUL candle was created with that thought in mind. Every POWERFUL candle purchased will help create a more tolerant, inclusive, and empathy driven world. 


25% OF ALL POWERFUL CANDLE SALES ARE DONATED TO A ROTATING GROUP OF CHARITIES including the: YWCA, 4 Paws for Ability, & The Trevor Project. All of these charities are doing amazing work that we are passionate about. You can click on each charity for more info. When you purchase a POWERFUL candle, you will be able to choose which charity your money goes towards. 


We are proud to be an East Tennessee business committed to promoting equality and compassion. Thank you for standing with us and for your continued support. 


Empathy is powerful. Community is powerful. Love is powerful.


graceful (apple blossom + pear)
Crisp apple mixes with juicy pear and middle notes of soft white flower blossoms. Phthalate/Nitro Musk/Vanillin Free.
12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
powerful (ginger + cinnamon)
Fresh ginger root and ceylon cinnamon mix with bottom notes of nutmeg, clove, lemon zest, & vanilla bean. Phthalate/Nitro Musk Free. 25% of sales go to a rotating group of charities. 12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
minimalist collection
Clean lines, modern labels, same beautiFUL scents. Black or white glass tumblers with
10 oz / $22
grateful (pumpkin + clove)
Clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg pair with classic pumpkin. Classic spicy notes accented with a hint of walnut and vanilla.
Creamy decadence.
Phthalate/Nitro Musk Free. 12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
hopeful (sugar + spice)
Smooth vanilla mixed with cinnamon and sugar, topped with a hint of maple syrupy sweetness. Notes of buttercream and caramel add to this freshly baked sticky buns aroma.
Nitro Musk Free. 12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
blissful (balsam + cedar)
Earthy cedar and pine with sweet fir balsam. Fresh citrus adds a bit of sparkle to this classic pine needle aroma. Nitro Musk/Vanillin Free.
12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
joyful (citrus + pine)
Tropical fruits and woodsy mountain greens pair with sugared oranges, lemons, and limes. Phthalate/Nitro Musk/Vanillin Free.
12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
peaceful (rosemary + mint)
Our softest fragrance. Fresh garden herbs and mint create this clean, relaxing aroma. The perfect scent for unwinding at the end of the day. Phthalate/Nitro Musk/Vanillin Free.
12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
wishful (cake + sprinkles)
Rich and decadent buttercream cake with top notes of fluffy, vanilla frosting. Phthalate/Nitro Musk Free.
12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
thankful (lemongrass + rosewood)
Lemongrass mixes with fresh citrus. Hints of lavender and sweet rosewood round out this botanical blend.
12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
beautiful (mandarin + bergamot)
A sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot, and orange with hints of peach and berries. One of our strongest scent. Fills the room with sweet citrus. Nitro Musk/Vanillin Free.
12 oz $19 / 8 oz $13
little minis set
The little minis set includes 9 (2 oz.) candles in each of our scents.

little minis set $20
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