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frequently asked questions...


Why soy wax?
We love working with soy wax because it's a clean burning, renewable resource. It's natural, non-toxic, and cleans up easily with soap & warm water. The wax we use is also food grade, kosher, and hypo-allergenic. Not only is soy wax healthier for you and the environment, it also burns slower than paraffin, resulting in a longer burning candle. 

Are your candles vegan/cruelty free?
Yes and yes! No animal products are used in our candles, and no animal testing is done by us or our suppliers. 

Any tips/tricks for burning your candles?
-We recommend burning your FUL Candle from 3-5 hours each lighting.

-Soy wax has a "memory." This means when a soy candle is burned and then extinguished, the next time it's burned, the candle will only melt as far across as it did the last burn. So always burn your candle until the wax melts evenly across the top of the jar, to prevent "tunneling." 
-Stop burning when 1/4" - 1/2" of the wax remains. 
-Keep the wick centered & trimmed to 1/4" to prevent uneven burning & sparking. 
-Burn candles on a clean, flat surface out of direct sunlight and drafts and away from pets, flammable materials, and children. 

-We recommend enjoying our candles within 6 months to ensure even burning. Burning candles older than 8 months can result in uneven or tunneled burning. Fresh wax is the best wax! We will not refund/exchange candles that are not properly burning past 6 months.


How long do your candles last?

12 oz candle = approx. 50-65 hours burn time.

8 oz candle = approx. 40-45 hours burn time.

10 oz minimalist candles 55-60 hours burn time.

Little minis = approx. 12 hours burn time each.

Make sure not to burn our candles for longer than 5 hours each lighting to prevent overheating.

What size candle do I need for my room?

Our 8 oz candles work great in small to medium sized rooms like bathrooms, smaller kitchens, and bedrooms. Our 10 and 12 oz candles can be used in larger spaces up to 18' x 18'. Rooms any larger or with high ceilings or open floor plan homes will need multiple candles. If you're having a difficult time smelling the fragrance, you may be using the candle in too large of an area. 


Why is my jar turning black?

There is generally one reason for soot accumulation on the jar...the wick is not trimmed to the correct height. Make sure the wick stays trimmed to 1/4" before each lighting.

Why is my wax turning yellow?

Certain ingredients in select fragrances can change colors when exposed to UV light and/or heat. If you don't want your candles to change colors, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, florescent light, and heat.

Why is there wax left on the side of my jar?

Each time a candle is lit, the melt pool must reach the edges of the container for a proper burn. If the candle is lit and put out an hour later on multiple occasions, it will create a tunnel down the center of the jar. We recommend burning our candles for 3-5 hours each lighting. 

Are your wicks lead free?
Yes, we only use cotton wicks. No metal or lead here.

Do you use any dyes?

Nope. Most colorants and candle dyes are made from crude coal tar, so we keep all dyes out of our products. We think the natural color of the soy wax is beautiful on its own. Occasionally, a change in color will occur in our candles due to the natural properties of the oils and/or exposure to UV rays (which is why we recommend keeping our products out of direct sunlight). But you can be assured any color changes do not affect the functionality of the candle. 


Do you use 100% essential oils?

The short answer: no. The long answer: Our fragrances are a combination of natural and synthetic oils. We use fragrance oils that have components of essential oils, but do not use straight essential oils for several reasons. One: Essential oils have a lower flash point. This means straight essential oils evaporate at a lower temperature, leaving you with little fragrance. Two: Essential oils because of their natural composition are always changing in purity, scent, availability, etc. Many essential oils are volatile and react unpredictably when exposed to heat. Our fragrances have been extensively tested to ensure you always get a safe, predictable scent and burn. Three: Sustainability. It often takes hundreds of pounds of plant material to make one pound of essential oil. For example, it takes 200-250 pounds of lavender to make one pound of lavender oil. Cropwatch, a non-profit that keeps tabs on the natural aromatics industry, maintains a list of wild species threatened by the fast-growing essential oil trade. Of particular concern are essential oils derived from rosewood, sandalwood, amyris, thyme, cedarwood, jatamansi, gentian, wormwood and cinnamon, among others, as they may be derived from threatened and illegally harvested wild plant stocks. We recommend doing your research when buying candles (or anything for that matter) and making an educated decision that's right for you.

What are Phthalates? Do you use them?

"Phthalates" is a broad term that refers to a wide variety of compounds of differing chemical structure. Safety concerns have been raised about Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Diethyl Hexyl Phthalate (DEHP). None of our candles contain these phthalates. The fragrance oils we use that are not considered phthalate-free contain Diethyl phthalate (DEP). DEP as used in fragrances is safe for human health and the environment. The position on DEP from the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is to make clear that consumers can use fragranced products containing DEP with confidence. The safety profile for DEP based on "Human Health Criteria" shows DEP to be safer for use on humans than any natural essential oil. DEP is particularly useful in candle fragrances as it solubilizes fragrance into the wax and prevents "crystalization" in certain fragrance oils. Some of our candles contain DEP and some do not. It's noted at the end of the candle descriptions. 

Can your jars be reused?
Yes, when there is 1/4" to 1/2" of wax left in the jar, stop using the candle. Simply set the jar in hot water or a warm oven until the wax melts. Using an oven mitt to handle the hot jar, carefully pour the unused wax into the garbage and wash the container with soap and warm water. Do not to pour wax down the drain; it can clog pipes. We do not take back used jars to make into new candles because reheating containers over and over can weaken the glass. 

Why don't I see a specific scent?
We occasionally retire certain FUL Candle scents and have several rotating seasonal scents. We also occasionally sell out of product (especially during holidays). To stay up to date on scent retirings, restocks and releases, follow us on Instagram. The KNOXFUL scent is available exclusively at Bradley's in Knoxville. For availability of the KNOXFUL scent, you can reach out to Bradley's here.

Do you ship outside the US?
Not at this time. 

Do you wholesale?  
Yes! We are not currently accepting new wholesale accounts. To stay informed of openings, sign up for our mailing list hereSince we hand pour all of our candles in small batches, we are limited to the number of wholesalers we can partner with. We do not sell to online boutiques or shops. We do not sell to flea market type stores or booths.


Can you customize the labels for my wedding/baby shower/bridal party? 

Due to increased production, we can no longer customize labels. 

Can I buy FUL Candles near me?
You can always buy our candles online in our ETSY Shop here.  If you're looking for local sellers, here is where we currently have product:  Knoxville, TN: Backroads Market // Knoxville, TN: Bradley's // Franklin, TN: Holly Thompson Homes // Decatur, AL: Threaded 

Can you drop off my order/can I pick it up if I live in East Tennessee?

We offer local pick up for orders over $200, just shoot us a message. Otherwise, you can find our products locally at the shops above. We are also happy to ship orders anywhere in the US. 


Candle safety stuff
-Burn no longer than 5 hours (to prevent the entire candle from overheating). 
-Stop burning when 1/4" - 1/2" of the wax remains. 
-Keep the wick centered & trimmed to 1/4" to prevent uneven burning & sparking. 
-Burn candles on a clean, flat surface out of direct sunlight and drafts and away from flammable materials, pets, and children. 
-Wait until the jar cools completely before handling. 
-Never touch hot wax.

-Never set a lid on a burning candle.
-Don't flush or pour wax down drains. 
-Don't ingest wax. 
-Never leave a burning candle unattended. 
-FUL Candles is not responsible for any injury or damages caused by the use of our candles or home products.

We DO NOT recommend putting our candles on warmers of any kind. The glass can weaken.

Soy melt safety 

-Avoid eye contact.

-For external use only.

-Only use for as long as recommended by tart warmer manufacturer. Do not leave plugged in overnight.

-Use with an electric tart warmer that is UL listed for safety assurance.

-Use warmer on a clean, flat surface out of direct sunlight and drafts and away from flammable materials, pets, and children. 

-Do not overfill tart warmer, or add anything except our soy melt to the warmer.

-If melted wax spills, allow to cool and harden. Wax will easily scrape up.

-If you've purchased a wax melt warmer from us, make sure to read the enclosed safety instructions.

-We DO NOT recommend putting our candles on warmers of any kind. The glass can weaken.

room + loo spray faq...

How do I use the room + loo spray as a "before you go" spray? 

Before you use the rest room, shake the bottle well, and spray 4-6 times directly onto the toilet water. Use the loo as normal. The essential oil mixture creates a film on the surface of the water trapping all the ick under the surface so you can breathe easy. 


Why is there a yellow oil on the surface of the room + loo spray?

We use essential oils and fragrance dyes. Many of the citrus essential oils have a yellow, orange tint. Since oils and water typically don't mix, the oils will float to the top. Make sure to shake each bottle until the solution is well mixed in order to get all the essential oil goodness in each spritz. 


How long do the room + loo sprays last?

Each spray bottle has 4 fl oz and produces about 600 pumps of scented mist. Depending on how often it's used, your spray may last between 1 and 3 months. The scent from each use will last between 2 and 6 hours, depending on where it's used, what type of fabric it's used on, room size/ventilation, etc. We suggest about 4-6 sprays per use.


What is in the room + loo spray?

Ingredients: purified water, fragrance, essential oils, vegetable glycerine, isopropyl alcohol. 


Can I use the room + loo spray on fabric?

Yes. It works great to freshen up blankets, car interiors, pillows, etc. Spray textiles from about 8-12" away. While our room + loo spray is safe for most fabrics, we recommend testing textiles in an inconspicuous area first. (And make sure to shake well before you spray.)


Is the room + loo spray skin safe?

Yes. Due to individual tolerances of essential oils and fragrances, we recommend testing a small patch of skin first. 

Is the room + loo spray safe for animals?

Using our spray on your pet's linens, pillows, etc is A-OK. We don't recommend spraying directly onto your animal because pets can be extra sensitive to essential oils. 


Are your room + loo sprays vegan/cruelty free?

Yes and yes! No animal products are used in our sprays, and no animal testing is done by us or our suppliers. 


Room + loo spray safety stuff:

-Avoid eye contact. 

-For external use only. 

-Do not ingest. 

-Keep away from heat/open flames/children/animals

-Use caution on floors as they may become slippery after using this product. 

-Test fabrics to ensure spray does not cause discoloration. 

Reposting our images:

-Do not crop, edit, or filter/photoshop our images.

-Feel free to repost our images if you tag us (@fulcandles) in the first few lines of the description and in the image (on Instagram).  

-If you are a business/brand account, do not imply endorsement/collaboration or announce sales, products, etc without contacting us first. We don't bite, promise!

-Failure to follow our reposting guidelines may result in our images being removed from the account.

-Let's work together! We offer custom letter board images for business use. Contact us for details. 

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